Terms & Conditions


  • Geneva city center and surroundings: 35.-
  • En Beyond, Price upon request.


We can provide all the necessary staff and equipment (decorations, tablecloths, serving dishes, mezzeh plates, carpets, stools, hookah, lanterns, traditional clothes for serving, tents, low tables, and so on…) for your receptions. For more information, please contact us.


We offer personalized menus, made up of either cold or warm mezzeh only, or cold or warm mezzeh as well as a main course. Prices on demand.

Cancellation costs

  • 3 days notice, 50% of the total cost
  • 2 days notice, 70% of the total cost
  • The day before or on the day itself, 100% of the total cost

All our prices are all taxes included.

Legal Department Accept all our compliments (and those of the lecturers) for your very good cuisine. We will renew our collaboration.

Addax Petroleum
Addax PetroleumLegal Department

Absolutely delighted by the excellent quality of the food and service during the buffet.

Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

We would like to thank you for the quality of the service, regarding as much the dishes, their quality and presentation, as the decoration items. We spent an excellent day thanks to you and our guests were all delighted. We will recommend your services to our circle as everything was excellent and perfect. Even your delivery man was very quick, on time and friendly. A big thank you!

Carla L.

Everything went very well took yesterday evening and the guests have - unanimously – been won by all the "Délice du Liban"!

Fundana SA
Fundana SA

I think I’m going to get a membership!

Soledad B.-G.

I want to thank you and to congratulate you on your splendid performance in the honour of our Solidarity Minister.

Mission Permanente de la France
Mission Permanente de la France

I’d also like to forward my congratulations and my family’s amazement, They were all charmed and impressed with the variety of your menu.

Déborah P.

It was perfect! It was really great and a real treat!


Thank you for the excellent service and logistics for our event “an evening in Sahara”. Our group really appreciated the atmosphere, the cuisine, the decoration, the spacious tents and the service. My Lebanese reference had been the President Wilson restaurant. I can now say that my new reference is the “Délices Du Libran”

Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble

Very successful evening! Thank you very much. The meal was very nice, the decorations beautiful, the waitresses very friendly and helpful and of course we were spoilt by the weather! My guests were delighted and transported by the “Thousand and One Nights”

Kathy C.

Our guests loved it!!! It was a great event and everyone loved the Lebanese corner.

MKS Finance
MKS Finance

A huge THANK YOU for the splendid decoration for our event Wednesday evening. It’s a shame that you were not able to hear all the compliment, all our friends were surprised to see the Villa Capella thus transformed. It was really superb!

Eleanor K.
+41 22 436 87 00
1204 Geneva
32 Blvd Georges-Favon